The Member Value Portal

You will see menu items on the top navigation bar, “Suppliers” and  “Products and Services.” Together they form the Member Value Portal.

It is important to recognize that FNA does not have any products, is not a retailer or input supplier. Those two menu items serve as entry points to the Member Value Portal which is provided as a convenience to Members.

The “Suppliers” item displays all the businesses that are suppliers to FNA Members. You can click on their logo or navigate through the text-based menu to see a description of that supplier and see products Members can obtain from that supplier.

The “Products and Services” menu item displays categories of product types offered by suppliers to FNA Members.

So, while the Member Value Portal provides Members access to the great variety of suppliers, programs and products that FNA has successfully negotiated for Members,  it is important to understand that it is a “portal” and not FNA’s “online store.” The  portal is intended to provide convenience and service to Members by to minimizing the need for you to go to many different sites to learn about or order products and services.

Browse all suppliers to FNA Members

Browse products by type