Risk Management Research

Registration for the study is at  http://cfacrmp.com/fna-registration/

Long-time Members know FNA has four over-arching strategies to achieve the mission of Maximizing Farm Profitability.

  1. Create Competition
  2. Capture Value from the Supply Chain
  3. Drive Efficiencies
  4. Reduce and Manage Risk

Reduce and Manage Risk includes building Members access to advanced technologies and farm information systems. But at its most basic it means working for the best risk management tools possible.

That is why FNA has partnered with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture in a study sponsored in part by Agriculture Canada to research the most advanced farm sales risk management program in the world.

It is important to get it right.

That’s why as many farmers as possible need to participate. Please register for the study — it takes very little time to participate and any information you provide is completely confidential, including your email address. The study will use the information for no other purpose. Head on over right now: http://cfacrmp.com/fna-registration/