Project N Highlights 2012 for FNA

Farmer interest in Project N has been one of the biggest highlights of 2012 for Farmers of North America.

Spokesman Bob Friesen says the farmer owned fertilizer manufacturing project has been gaining a lot of momentum as farmers recognize the benefit of getting involved in the value chain.

“This is about giving farmers an opportunity to purchase their annual nitrogen needs at wholesale prices, plus get a return on investment at the end of the year,” Friesen said.

He adds 2012 also saw FNA launch its Market Power Assurance Program allowing farmers to insure their accounts receivable, and they also got funding to do an international competitiveness study.

“This is about looking at our competitor countries, and scrutinizing their cost of production in grains and oilseeds, and finding out where we excel in comparison to them, but find out where they may have a lower cost of production than we do, and that will help farmers to benchmark and improve their own cost of production,” Friesen added.

Overall he says 2012 provided a lot of opportunity for FNA to work on improving farmer profitability for its members.