Pat Martin Asks Agriculture Minister: Have You Lost Your Freaking Mind?

Winnipeg NDP MP Pat Martin returned to his raucous ways during question period on Tuesday, asking Conservative minister Gerry Ritz if he had “lost his freaking mind.”

The colourful outburst was related to an exchange about the government’s rejection of an ownership bid back in October by Saskatoon-based Farmers of North America (FNA) to acquire the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).

“Now we hear the minister will hand over the Wheat Board’s assets to the private sector for a grand total – get this – zero. That is right. Nothing. Nada. No ‘thank you,’ just give it away,” said Welland NDP MP Malcolm Allen.

Allen continued to scrutinize the government for brushing aside the bid from Canadian farmers in favour of offers from multinational corporations.

But the agriculture minister would have none of it.

“None of that is true or based upon any kind of fact, at all,” responded Ritz. “The Farms of North America’s bid was adjudicated by a third-party auditor and legal team that the CWB put into place.”

“This was not a political process,” he said.

It was here when Martin spoke, accusing the government of taking “the largest and most successful gain marketing company in the world” and giving it away “free of charge, to an American agrifood giant which, until recently, was their greatest competitor.”

“Has the minister lost his freaking mind?” Martin asked.

House speaker Andrew Scheer was not impressed with Martin’s demeanour, telling him that his comments were “extremely unhelpful” and stripping away his response.

Still, some praised Martin’s saucy remark: