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Farmers do not “join” FNA the way we might join an organization or business. Instead we “employ” the farm business alliance to achieve together that which we cannot achieve alone. The major agriculture input suppliers have forged alliances on everything from bio-tech alliances and shared licensing to organizing to extend monopoly protection over long expired patents. Farmers too must have their own farm business alliance if we are to bring any balance to our market power position.

Participating in the farm business alliance means we not only have the ability to employ FNA to negotiate best-prices on specific products on any given day, but more importantly to keep building more and new options to maximize our farm profitability.

Use the following form to have a dedicated team member contact you to complete your Membership. And welcome to the farm business alliance, the only entity exclusively dedicated to Maximizing Farm Profitability for each member.

For security reasons FNA does not collect payment online. Please submit the form below and an FNA Member Representative will contact you to complete the transaction.

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