Let’s Talk

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1.We really want to talk with farmers. And we respect the value of your time. That’s why we’re going to compensate your time: $100 to the first 1,000 commercial farmers who participate in at least one of a series of 2 hour conference calls with FNA Members’ management before April 30th.

The FNA Members’ management team will make a short presentation and then open up discussion by calling on each participant for a question. So come with your toughest questions. They’ll give you straight answers. No obligations. No hidden or additional requirements. What you do with the conversation is entirely up to you.

2.Things have changed. Unlike the first decade of FNA’s successes, the rewards now go only to those who help build those successes. FNA Members build the farm business alliance and the farm business alliance needs to build those farms. In the past all farmers were able to benefit through more competitive prices across the market – created by FNA Members. No more. We now have mechanisms i n place that gets the value to only those who create it.

3.FNA has built a package of incentives to make your decision ever easier. Those famers who find the answers to their questions and decide to become a Member within a week of the conference call will get a great welcome:

3 Special Things

$300 of free crop protection products from AgraCity Crop & Nutrition (Exclusive supplier to FNA Members of Crop Protection and other major farm inputs, committed to the mission of maximizing farm profitability) delivered direct to your farm at no additional charge. $300 in free products or services from AgServe (Exclusive supplier of intermediate programs – farm parts, fans, bins, etc. – and Preferred Supplier benefits for FNA Members – NAPA, Fountain Tire, Compass, etc.) and $1000s worth of first-time buyers incentives on tires, parts, computers, hotels and more. 3 year free financing of a regular FNA 3 year membership.

PLUS 3 Things Every Member Gets:

$1,500 in Supplier Credits for a range of farm inputs including Crop Protection, Oils & Lubes and some fertilizer products $1,032/year in subscriptions to DTN Market Strategies ongoing best pricing on the widest range of farm inputs, with a dedicated Member Service Manager for every 300 Members to ensure each Member achieves the greatest value possible from their membership

Register for a conference call by going to myfna.com/Lets-Talk or call toll free 1-877-362-3276 and let them know you’d like to register for the conference call.

We’ll take registrations until there is a viable number of farmers to participate and send out a set of proposed dates and times.

During the call senior management will give a presentation about the farm business alliance and its practical purpose for your farm. Each farmer will then be called on to pose a question.

During the call you will hear a presentation about the farm business alliance and its practical purpose for your farm. Each farmer will then be called on to pose a question.

At the conclusion of the call, all participating farmers will receive a cheque for $100.00.

That’s it.

Because we believe that if we can have the discussion and the opportunity to directly answer all of your questions, you will conclude that becoming a Member is the right thing for your farm, your family and your community.