In-Field Service Advantage

The biggest commercial enterprise in Canada is well underway as farmers launch into the time-critical process of Harvest.

With thousands of machines working millions of acres of land, there is nothing like it, and when it goes well it is a joyous thing to behold and to be part of.

But when things go wrong it can threaten a farmer’s entire crop.

That’s why it is mission-critical to have professionals who will literally come to the field with all the necessary parts and equipment to repair that combine or tractor or other piece of machinery.

FNA is proud to announce that Effective August 21, 2017, Cummins has joined the farm business alliance as a Preferred Supplier. Cummins offers on-site field support for your machinery and other services. FNA Members (Western Canada locations only) will now have a price advantage of 10% for in-field or in-shop service, plus wholesale pricing on parts.

If you farm, the chances are you already know Cummins as the industry leader in aftermarket warranty parts — and reconditioned parts for those good old work horses you are hanging on to for a few more years. If you are not familiar with their range of products and services, you can visit their website at

It is important to let them know your FNA Membership number whenever you order, to ensure you are getting the deal we have negotiated or the benefit of any other favourable terms that might be in place at the time you order.