FNA Holds Fertilizer Meetings

Now that harvest is wrapped up, Farmers of North America have been conducting meetings throughout the region to teach producers the benefits of manufacturing their own fertilizer.

FNA has set up a Fertilizer Limited Partnership to assist farmers with learning the steps to set up a nitrogen fertilizer plant.

“Our very first milestone we thought we’d hit in 60 days and we hit it in ten,” explains Vice President of Operations Terry Drabiuk on how the meetings have been going, “And we have doubled that in the first fifteen days of meetings so it has ranged from really string support to trying to get people out when the weather is nice and they’ve been trying to put down their fertilizer for fall.”

Drabuik says when it comes down to it, producers can save a good chunk of money manufacturing their own fertilizer.

“I think it is the price discrepancy between the cost of production and the cost of urea,” he added, “Currently the cost of production is anywhere from $150 to $180 a tonne and yet the average retail price is around $600.”

Meetings have been held through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with Watrous, Southey Wadena, and Wakaw hosting meetings last week.