FNA hires MNP to assist with 
nitrogen plant

Staff / Farmers of North America Fertilizer Limited Partnership (FNA FLP) has hired corporate consulting and accounting firm MNP LLP to design the sales and distribution structure for the company’s proposed nitrogen fertilizer plant, FNP says in a release. 

MNP will also assist in developing supply agreements for the farmer owners of the plant.

FNA earlier announced that BMO Capital Markets has been appointed as the capital development and business adviser, and that Stantec Inc. has been appointed as the lead for financial modelling, engineering, and creation of the Bankable Feasibility Study.

“At every turn we have been able to bring the best talent in the world to this project,” FNA spokesperson Bob Friesen said in a statement.

“We are well along the project plan, exercising care, but moving at pace, so we not only get the plant built, but we get it built with the best minds, best designs and best economics for all business partners.”

ProjectN is currently seeking farmer investors.