FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership extends public meetings

SASKATOON Farmers of North America Fertilizer Limited Partnership (FNA FLP) is just over a week into a series of public meetings that began October 9 across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Based on the enthusiasm of those who have attended the meetings so far, FNA FLP announced it is adding meetings in some areas as a response to the interest being shown.

Days after FNA FLP became an active business in every province in Canada, it began conducting a series of public meetings, with over 40 communities hosting events.

FNA FLP spokesperson, Bob Friesen, who has been at the meetings in Manitoba this week, said “Of all the meetings I’ve attended as a farm leader, I’ve never seen farmers embrace an issue as enthusiastically as this one.”

At the time of this release, 29 meetings have been completed in towns in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Meetings are also planned for Ontario where harvest progress is slower, likely in November.

The public meetings are a central part of ProjectN, the plan to build a fertilizer plant in Western Canada. “These meetings provide farmers an opportunity to provide input, and have their questions answered in person. They can also purchase seed capital on the spot,” said Friesen. “Since FNA FLP was launched, uptake of seed capital units by farmers has exceeded our greatest expectations.”

The seed capital will ensure the project can fund the necessary engineering, financial modeling and other studies that are required.

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Farmers of North America is a farmers’ business alliance with the mission of “Improving Farm Profitability.” FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership is a separate legal entity designed to align farmers together to build a fertilizer plant.

For more information: Cathi O’Neill, FNA & FNA FLP Media Co-ordinator | (306) 665-4537 Bob Friesen, FNA FLP Spokesperson & FNA VP Government Affairs | (613) 230-2222 / (613) 852-9711 | www.projectn.ca