Net Zero Membership: Two ways to Not Pay!

Clear the House and Land one on the Button with FNA

This invitation was designed for Curling Farmers but is available to all New and Returning Members.

The offer is for a 1 year term Premium Membership, regularly a $1,000 investment.

Farmers of North America supports curling

Option 1: 

You want to become an FNA member but you’re not ready to buy product from AgraCity right now

FNA provides an instant rebate of $500.00
AgraCity provides a $500 Product Discovery Credit that can be used any time in the year of the Membership.
Net Price = $0.00. ($500 up front, recovered on use of the credit)
Note: Discovery Credit available to new or returning Members who have not purchased from AgraCity in the previous 12 months. It’s intended to encourage farmers to “discover” the value of AgraCity’s product line.

Option 2:

You want to lock in savings by buying some crop inputs now.

Spend a minimum of $5000 with AgraCity and they will fully sponsor your 1-year premium
membership on your first AgraCity invoice! Nothing up front or after for your Membership. Again, any new or returning Member is eligible if they haven’t purchased AgraCity products in the previous 12 months.

Call FNA 1-877-362-3276

to get your Net-Zero Membership and enjoy thousands of dollars of savings from AgraCity!