CanTarp Joins FNA

We are pleased to announce that Canadian Tarpaulin Manufactuers Ltd. (CanTarp) has joined the FNA farm business network to provide advantageous terms to Members.

The item we are most excited about does not carry a huge price discount, but addresses a problem many Members having bee raising: grain bags failing.

There are a lot of grain bag suppliers out there but we are hearing that there is widespread failure of these bags, breaking, reacting badly to weather and generally being a less-than-helpful tool. Some farmers in the Peace Region have had such bad experience with grain bags that they have given up on them entirely, often forced to truck straight from the field to the grain elevator when they would have preferred to hold due to low pricing.

CanTarp’s top of the line grain bags fully address this issue. They are heavy, high quality, tough bags designed to withstand the conditions that should be expected on farms. The deal for Members is a 5% discount, but the most important feature is access to real quality.

On other CanTarp products such as grain pile covers, fabric building covers, motor covers, there is a minimum 10% price reduction.

Visit their web site:
or call their toll free with your FNA Membership number: 1-888-226-8277
Or visit one of their locations with your Membership Card.

… and as always, let us know how you’re treated and what you think of the value.